Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My voice recorder is not connecting to my computer. What do I do?
A:  Please first try using a different cord (if you have one). If not, contact Knight Security support for guidance.

Q: How do I delete the recordings in my hidden audio voice recorder?
A: Recordings can be deleted in 2 ways:
  1. connecting the hidden sound recorder to your computer, going into the “RECORDED” folder, and simply deleting the recordings in that folder.
  2. using the secret delete function from the earbuds. Check your user manual to see if your device has this function. Note: The reset button will not delete recordings from the spy sound recorder.
Q:  Is the spy voice recorder device compatible with Mac and Windows computers?
A:  Yes. All Knight Security small voice recording devices are compatible in both Mac and Windows computers, but may experience functionality issues with Chromebooks.

Q: Do the Knight Security spy recording devices have a voice activation mode to start and stop recording automatically?
A: Yes. You can set the hidden recording devices in either voice activated mode or continuous recording mode. The default on all of our devices is voice activated.

Q: Can I use my hidden audio recording device also as an MP3 player?
A: You can use the hidden sound recording devices as an MP3 player using the provided earphones that comes in the package.

Q: Is there a warranty and what does it cover?
A: All of our Knight Security mini voice activated recorders are covered with a lifetime warranty and if you are not happy, we will either replace the unit for you or give you your money back.

Q: Why is the mini audio recorder not connecting to my computer?
A: It’s possible that your audio recorder is not connecting to your computer for a number of reasons. You can very likely solve the issue by doing this:
  1. Make sure to turn "Off" the device before connecting to your computer.
  2. Try connecting it to other computer to make sure that it is not a computer compatibility issue.
  3. If the device is not connecting with the provided cable, please try using a different cable.
  4. Find the device manually by opening a folder and checking for a (D:) drive.
  5. If the device is still not connecting, contact Knight Security support for guidance.