Unlike most companies, Knight Security stands behind its products. Unfortunately, most companies are either foreign and/or only offer 1-year warranties. On the contrary, all Knight Security digital voice recorders come with an automatic lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. To submit a warranty claim, you may click the relevant link below.

Warranty Extension Form


For questions or inquiries requiring a response, we will respond within 24 hours. To file warranty claims, the customer may contact us using the WARRANTY CLAIM FORM or email us at Hello@KnightSecurity.io.


The warranty period begins on the purchase date. Valid warranty claims are eligible for a full refund, repair, or replacement. Proof of purchase and evidence of the defect are required in order to file a warranty claim.


If it has been determined that the device is defective and the customer wants to repair or replace the device, the customer can send the device back to us, and we will simply replace the defective device with a new unit. If the customer needs to retrieve recordings off of a defective device, our technical lab will support that process by attempting to repair the device and retrieve recordings off of it.